Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've started a painting "class" at the shop.

On Mondays, from 3:00 until closing (6:00) I sit at a table out in our parking lot and paint on the projects I have going, or start some new paintings.

It's amazing, but that short period of time has given me a bit of a creative perk. I feel like I can do all that I need to get done, as well as be creative, just because I've set aside A Time to paint.

I've invited others to come and paint with me. Some have sounded excited about it, but none have shown up so far (just started this last Monday). My idea is to make the class like the yarn-working classes: everyone brings what they're working on or an idea of what they want to make, and then we work together to get there.

I like the informal format. I'm not charging, so I'm free to work on my stuff, not show up, or not care! How's that for lessez-faire instruction?