Sunday, October 22, 2006


I know nothing about nothing. I just paint.

When I write about intuitive painting here, I'll be telling about the process that I use to get past my analytical mind and evaluations in order to create from my gut and heart. It's also my belief that any creative endeavor can be done intuitively.

I chose to call this method of painting intuitive because it is not guided by a visual or symbolic logic as much as an internal directive, a sensing, wondering and questioning.

My focus is on the process. I end up with paintings at the end of the cycle of creation, which is bewildering to me. What next? So, I keep three or four paintings going in the circuit so that I don't end up with all completed at the same time and the starting gate before me again in full force. I've found this a very effective way to keep the intuitive pump primed.

Please enjoy my random thoughts on creating intuitively.