Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today I did the underpainting and then the daubing of loose colors for Regrets Vanish.

Later I succumbed to popular opinion and blended the pointillized colors.
I wanted to regret that move, but it doesn’t fit the title of this piece for me to do so. Besides, I can recreate my intended pixelized effect later as I adjust the colors and get the focal point targeted.

I envision the focal point at her forehead, just between the eyes and above a bit. I want to pixelize at the fringes, at least, to give the feel of disintegration, vibration across time. This “person” is representing a mote, an atom, which when observed is not where it was supposed to be because I’m observing it’s past in targeting a space in which to find it. Said another way, to paint this image with the intent I have in mind, I need to anticipate only a second after the time of doing, to paint the next moment and thereby capture the now and immediacy of the gaze. Was it Rodin that achieved movement in his sculptures by placing anticipatory postures in the forms? This is what I am trying to express.

With how I have talked around these ideas I wish to portray, I am even more grateful for the wordless medium of painting to express this for me. Call it what you will... I just hope I can capture what I mean to.