Tuesday, July 22, 2008


about 8"x10"
oil on canvas

This is one of Dede's favorites... I think because it is of him when we're finally doing our rocking chair and meatloaf for dinner thing.

The canvas started out as purely abstract, and then I went through my cabbaged photos from the internet. This gent's presence was so compelling that I doodled him onto the abstract.

He seems to be pretty much at home.


Dianne McNaughton said...

Thanks for you comments! I love the way you move from complete abstraction through to reality, I seem to do this myself. Your paintings are incredibly sensitive. I like that you put unfinished work on your blog as work in progress, will be interesting to see how they develope. Luv Di

Soul Level said...

Still my favorite. It's surprising how the photograph makes it seem larger, physically. It's really quite a small painting.

It's the eyes that does it for me. You got that just right.