Tuesday, July 22, 2008

These are pieces which I am working on currently. The "Shower Tree" and "Out o'the Box" are two stretching exercises I gave myself to try working differently from my usual style. They both make me very uncomfortable and leave me wondering what I am to learn from them. None of us are done yet, so the story awaits further light (and darks).

Shower Tree

11"x14" or so
oil on canvas

Out o'the Box

11"x14" or so
oil on canvas

Jack and Me Napping

oil on canvas

The above is a just-started piece inspired by nap time before class. The canvas is a "breakage" unit because something tore the surface (not captured in the shot) a wee bit. I had to curb my enthusiasm when a customer came down reporting a torn canvas upstairs. My mind raced with what I could paint next!


Soul Level said...

Nice work, all of them. I was wondering who had done the two "different" paintings. They are markedly different from your usual style.

mrs. tioli said...

interesting that you saw the difference! The stretch paintings feel like off-key music to me, but I'm trying to give Stravinski his due and paint on a different scale...